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Gratitude Abounds!

Focusing on all of the positive things by practicing gratitude in your life is one of the most amazing and transformative practices.  The idea is that everything is a gift, the “good,” the “bad,” and everything in between.  Here is the rationale behind this statement:  when something happy happens to you it allows you the opportunity to grow and expand into more of your naturally loving state.  This takes the form of celebration, joy, fun, playfulness, sharing, giving, and experiencing new levels of connectedness to others and life around you.   When you go through challenging times, obstacles, and bumps in the road, these experiences cause you to reflect on your process, to observe your reactions, patterns, and belief systems that may be contributing to suffering.  The suffering that occurs during challenging times serves to dissolve the ego, the false self, and connect you to more of your authentic and true self.  In this way, EVERYTHING that you experience, EVERYTHING that happens in life–the “good,” the “bad,” and everything in between– is grace!  EVERYTHING is a blessing.  Count your blessings and watch as the fear and anxiety about life diminishes, and feel the freedom to jump more fully into the river of life.

Changing your life is not necessary….changing how you perceive life makes all the difference–and as you do, watch your life change miraculously from the inside out!  

I am grateful for challenges, for obstacles, for new adventures and new opportunities to be resourceful, to use my mind to solve puzzles, to practice staying present, to practice deep belly breathing.  I am grateful for every opportunity to face the tests that the universe presents, to stay connected to a state of peace, to stay connected to a state of grace and allowance, to stay connected to my truth.  I am grateful to know how I desire to live my life, how I choose to perceive life in the highest loving way.  I am grateful to be sinking in and synching up with the highest loving way of living for this life.  I am grateful to be a holistic counselor, to offer holistic counseling to others on their journey of growth and expansion.  I am grateful to be alive and to be fully engaged in the world, offering my wisdom and energy for the healing and upliftment of others.  I am grateful for the puppies of the world, for the kittens, for all of the amazingly cute and beautiful creatures of the planet.  I am grateful for spiders and geckos, and for mozzies, and for flys and for crickets and moths and butterflys.  I am grateful for the amazing sea creatures of the ocean, for the sharks, for the whales, for the dolphins, for the fish.  I am grateful for all of the variety of people, all of the different reflections of the divine energy.  I am grateful for all of the incredible trees, for the wisdom of the trees, for the wisdom of the plants, for the earth itself, for the sun, for the sky and the air we breath

I am grateful for the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, for spiritual counseling, and for all that i have learned by going inward, by meditating, by spending time with myself.  I am grateful for delicious and nourishing food, for listening to my body and learning to feed myself from love and respect for this vessel.  I am grateful to smile and laugh, and to play in life.  I am grateful to see the bigger picture to this human experience–that we are angels having a human experience.  I am so happy to live in this state of remembrance, that we have come here to experience unconditional love in the material world, to bring more love, joy, and peace down into this world.  We are here to play, to create, to celebrate, to grow, and to learn.  We are here to be, to reconnect, to resonate, to sing, to dance, to bounce around and to root down.  We are here to birth, to live and to die.  We are here to enjoy this whole experience.  I am grateful for spirituality and counseling, for being a holistic counselor, helping others on their journey of growth and self development.

I am grateful for investigating how to perceive life in the way that makes my Heart happy.  I am grateful to think and live outside the box, remembering this divine desire of expanding what is possible, how to live in a more Heart centered way, and how to live creatively and with joy, acceptance and playfullness.  I am grateful for healing ulcerative colitis, for healing emotional trauma and for the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, which gave me the foundation for this transformation.  Blessings be, and thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)

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---------------------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi---------------------------------